It’s George Washington Day in Virginia

Around the country most people are celebrating today as President’s Day. Created in 1971 to honor all of the United States presidents many think the day was only to combine Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday and George Washington’s Birthday. However by law it is for all of our past presidents.

In Virginia though the day is officially George Washington Day. Let’s face it when it comes to Virginia history, George Washington was our leading citizen. With his home Mount Vernon a living monument to his presence in our area. Fairfax County also has other historic monuments standing as part of George Washington’s legacy. His Grist Mill, where some of the finest Virgina whiskey was first brewed, Woodlawn Plantation built for his granddaughter and Pohick Church which he help design, just to name a few.

As you are out and about today in Virginia and see all of the signs celebrating Presidents Day remember that’s not the official holiday of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We’re honoring George Washington and what he did for the residents of Virginia and our nation.

If you haven’t toured George Washington’s Mount Vernon home here is a quick look around.

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