NOVA Condo Buyers-Read the Docs!

Almost everyday in Northern Virginia an excited condo owners moves in and contemplates the changes they want to make to their new home.  Before you spend a dime make sure you have read the condo documents.

This owner thought they were making a simple change.  Switch out the lock on their front door with a coded entry so they didn’t need a key.  Guess what?  The condo documents, given to them before they purchased the unit, say NO CHANGES can be made to the entry doors of the unit.  The reason is simple.  To keep a uniform look and feel in the hallways.

After spending hundreds of dollars on the lock set and a locksmith they now have to spend hundreds of dollars to reverse the work done.  Hopefully they won’t have to buy a new door as well.

As boring as those hundred page condo documents appear, they are filled with important information.  In Virginia when you purchase a new condo from a builder you have 10 days to review the documents.  If you are buying a resale unit you have 3.  Use them wisely and read the documents.  If for any reason after you have reviewed the documents you don’t like what they say you can cancel your contract.

Having listed or sold over 30 condos in the last 2 years I’ve become attuned to the issues that will be show stoppers for my buyers.  I also own three condos myself so know what a pain the rules and regulations can be but understand the reason why they exist.   If you are considering purchasing a condo in the Northern Virginia area including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Prince William Counties give me a call.  Let’s talk about whether condo ownership is the right choice for you.

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