The Final Walkthrough-A Must Do For NOVA Buyers

It is fun to work with buyers, especially first time buyers and know how excited you are to be settling on your new home. But in the rush to the settlement table don’t forget to make the last check on the property you are buying.

Usually the final walk-through happens the day of settlement. Even if you have scheduled an early morning settlement you should try and make your final walk-through first thing in the morning after you are sure the sellers are fully out of the property. This is your chance to make sure the home has been left in “broom clean” condition (Virginia contracts), appliances are working, light fixtures are still there and any repairs agreed upon to be made are done.

Imagine your shock if you wait until after you have signed your loan documents and gotten the keys to find your new home stripped to the bones. Okay that might be extreme but even discovering the new fridge you saw in the kitchen has been replaced with the one from the garage or the chandelier in the dining room you loved missing, will make you feel as if you have been robbed.

Certainly you may have recourse against the sellers if the items were clearly identified in the contract but the cost of recovering the items may turn out to be more than the value of the items themselves. One of the things I have my clients do during the home inspection is take photos of all of the items and copy down model numbers to deal with the possibility of a last minute switch by the sellers. If during the final walk-through what we see doesn’t match the photos then we are able to resolve the issue prior to signing all of the final documents at settlement.

If you are a buyer in Northern Virginia and looking for an agent to represent your interest give me a call at 703-346-2213. Let me show you how I’ll work to protect you from day one with you new home search.

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