Mother Rules-Tips for Showing Your Home

Most of us grew up with “mother rules.” We knew what they were from when we were little until we left home. Even as adults we can hear them ring in our ears as we go about our day. So I started thinking about some of the “mother rules” in our house and how they might help keep a home ready for showing.

Mother Rules for Keeping Your House Ready to Show

* Hang up your wet towels
* Flush the toilet
* Make your bed
* Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
* Clean up after the pet(s)
* Mow the lawn
* Take out the trash
* Fold the laundry
* Water the plants

And my all time favorite:

* If it is moldy you can’t eat it (unless it’s cheese)
In this case throw it out so it doesn’t stink up the house

Buyer’s looking at this home immediately noticed the dirty dishes, the multiple cups with left over drinks, the piles of clothes on the floor and more.  What they didn’t notice was the large room, the nice box bay window and the attached master bath.  Instead of thinking about an offer they just walked out and said “no way”.

If you have your home on the market following these simple “mother rules” will make it easier when the phone rings with an agent who would like to show your home. No last minute running around to make sure everything is neat and tidy.

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