A SOLD Sign in the Yard is Reason to Celebrate

Today another of my listings in the planned community of Port Potomac went to settlement. This is my second settlement in Port Potomac in Prince William County for a military family using the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) benefits this year.

In this case the entire transaction has been conducted via the phone and Internet.  I’ve never met the Army officer who owned the home. They learned they were eligible for the program after they had moved to their new duty station in Georgia. This isn’t the first transaction I’ve completed this year where I’ve never met the owner. In fact I have 7 other properties either settled or in progress where I haven’t met the owners face to face.

Each settlement for military families using DoD HAP benefits is a huge relief for the owners. Without the program they would be facing either a short sale or the prospect of becoming long-term landlords waiting for the market value of their property to return to a break-even position. Fortunately for thousands of military families across the US the program exists to help with the financial burden.

Though I would love to meet each of the families I represent it is far more important to be able to see the SOLD sign go up in their yard.

If you are a military family living in Port Potomac or anywhere in the Prince William or Fairfax County area and you meet the qualification for the DoD HAP program give me a call at 703-346-2213. Let me show you how I’ve helped 21 military families in our area navigate the process of DoD HAP benefits to get their homes under contract or sold this year.

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