Think NOVA New Constuction is Perfect?

There is no doubt that a model home beautifully furnished is a sight to behold.  Granite counters, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, soaking tubs, oh my.  What’s not to love?

However the model is finished and you haven’t looked below the surface to see if beauty is only skin deep.  New construction doesn’t always mean no problems.  For example in talking with owners at one Prince William County neighborhood I heard the following horror stories.

One homeowner mentioned an inspection revealed  16 cracked floor joists that had to be replaced.  Another discovered their beautiful corner soaking tub had no extra support under it meaning a likely collapse the first time it was filled with water.  And finally an owner who discovered their home was not wrapped with a water proofing vapor. As a result they had to put plastic on their windows last winter to keep out the drafts.

If you are thinking about buying new construction in Prince William or Fairfax County this year don’t let the lessons the homeowners in this development learned the hard way happened to you.  Make sure that you take your own representation with you.  Not only can a Realtor® help you get the best deal but we can advise you about the construction process and help you avoid some serious post closing headaches.

I put together a short new construction e-book to give you a few ideas of things to consider before heading out to check out model homes.

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