Rolling Thunder Roars Into DC

Not everyone is packing up the car and heading to the beach this weekend.  If you are staying in the DC area then the biggest event is the annual Rolling Thunder Rally.

The rally started in 1987 with 2500 motorcycles riding through the streets of DC.   Over the years the rally grew and now close to 250,000 motorcycles participate in the ride.  Today the reason for the event is still as important as it was when it first started.   Remembering there are those who are still unaccounted for from previous wars and those who still sacrifice to keep us free.

Starting from the Pentagon, traveling across the Memorial Bridge and in the shadow of Arlington Cemetery, down Constitution Ave towards the US Capitol and then loops to an end at the Lincoln Memorial.

The event brings tears to not only the eyes of the veteran’s who ride but to those who watch.  Make sure you get there early for you place along the route.

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