Lucky Number Seven-Another DoD HAP Closing

It was lucky number seven.  Another military family with PCS orders out of the Northern Virginia area using the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Benefits (HAP) closed yesterday afternoon.

Perhaps I should clarify the Lucky Number Seven.  That is the number of DoD HAP closings I’ve had the good fortunate to settle in 2010.  There obviously are thousands of military families throughout the country who are qualified for and using the benefits to help them sell.

The question most often asked by both buyers and sellers is “how long will the process take?” In this case the contract was ratified on March 4th and settlement occurred on April 28th.  Less than 60 days from start to finish.  The amount of time may vary based on PCS orders and a few other factors but it is not a  6 month process as some think.

Thanks to the DoD HAP program another family has moved to their new duty station without the worry of becoming reluctant landlords or dealing with the stress of a short sale.  The seller’s are already settled in their new location in Hawaii and the buyer will be moving in soon.

If you are a military family in Northern Virginia and qualify for the DoD HAP benefits give me a call at 703-346-2213.  Let’s talk about the process and see if I can help get you on your way to your new duty station.

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