Get Your Ticket To Ride-Express VRE Service

The Virginia Rail Express (VRE) is introducing express train service starting in July 2010.

Luckily riders who use the Woodbridge Station will be able to take advantage of this new service. Originally the express train was going to bypass the Woodbridge station located at the entrance to Belmont Bay but after deliberation and political wrangling the station was included in the plans.

Anyone who has been driving along Route 1 has watched the new “Kiss and Ride” and pedestrian overpass being built over the last few months. The grading and paving for the pull off is now being completed and the dedication of the new walkway is set for early May.

The express train will depart Fredericksburg at 5:05AM and make stops at Fredericksburg, Leeland Road, Brooke, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Crystal City, L’Enfant and Union Station. The final schedule has not been published yet but service will start on July 19, 2010.

The new Woodbridge VRE pedestrian overpass is just one of the many changes coming to the North Woodbridge VA area over the next few months.

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