No More Frogger for Springfield Area Commuters

Of course you have to be old enough to remember the video game Frogger to understand what Springfield commuters have been faced with long before Frogger was even created.

For commuters looking to take advantage of a free ride to DC from Springfield (aka slugging) the trick has been to park on one side of Old Keene Mill Rd at the Giant shopping center and walk to the other side to the Old Circuit City building.  Yes there is a light and a cross walk but many commuters don’t bother to walk to the corner and instead cross in the middle of the road.

Fortunately over the years accidents have been rare but for the uninitiated trying to decide when to make the leap and when to stay on the curb can be confusing.  Fairfax County has now acquired the old Circuit City Building in a deal with Monument Realty and a new parking lot will be created on the site for commuters to use.

First the county will allow the Fairfax County Fire Department to burn the current building for fire and rescue training.  Then the lot will be cleared and approximately 270 parking places will be created.   If all goes as planned the new lot will be ready in late 2010 or early 2011.

For commuters who have enjoyed the fun up dodging cars on Old Keene Mill Rd you can certainly still park on the other side of the road for exercise.  For everyone else the new lot will make your commute just a bit safer.

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