DoD HAP Helps Puts the SOLD Sign In Another Yard

Another Northern Virginia military family has gone to settlement with the assistance of the Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP).

When their home in the Port Potomac neighborhood in Prince William County went on the market we were less than 24 hours away from the second major snow storm in the Northern Virginia area. The buyer who knew the neighborhood viewed the on-line tour of the Port Potomac townhouse and wrote an offer without stepping in the front door. The deal was smooth from start to finish and the representative from HAP arrived at the closing table with the funds to complete the deal.

For military families in Northern Virginia the HAP program means the difference between coming unintentional landlords or facing the process of a short sale.  The program is designed to help:

Active Duty Military Personnel with PCS orders who are upside down on their mortgage (home contract or purchase prior to July 1, 2006)
Wounded soldiers who must relocate due to medical conditions (wounded after 9/1/2001)
Surviving Spouses (death of military member after 9/1/2001)

As with any home sale the HAP program requires documentation and gathering the paperwork required prior to putting your home on the market is key.  Fortunately most Northern Virginia military familes can easily find what they need and if you have lost some of the required documents related to the purchase of your home there are ways to find it locally that I can assist you with.

For more information on the qualifications for the program you can review the eligibility requirements at the US Army Corps of Engineer website.  If you are a military family in the Northern Virginia area stationed at Fort Belvoir, Quantico, the Pentagon or any installations part of the Military District of Washington give me a call at 703-346-2213. Let my experience in helping multiple Northern Virginia military families settle their home sales using the DoD HAP program work for you.

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