Is Woodbridge Inventory Low or Are We Imagining It?

There is constant chatter among agents and buyers that the inventory for detached homes in Prince William County is at an “all time low.”

Though Woodbridge inventory for detached homes and townhouse is down from the 2008 and 2009 it isn’t at an “all time low” for this decade.



What makes the lower inventory harder for Prince William County buyers to take is that of the 218 detached home listing posted in the MRIS in January only 128 of those listings are for “regular” sales (not a short sale or foreclosure.) Townhouses are hit even harder with only 50 of the January listings carrying the regular sale tag.

For buyers who are hoping to get a home under contract by the April 30th deadline for the extended tax credit and settled by the June 30th the low inventory means moving quickly when new listings come on the market. But remember don’t make a hasty decision that you may later regret. Make sure you are writing your best offer and including the right contingencies designed to protect you.

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