Dear Mr Lender-I would have shown your listing Today


However when my buyers and I arrived we couldn’t get to the front door.

I know it we have had an unusual amount of snow this year in Northern Virginia but buyers are still out looking for homes. In fact they are out in droves trying to find homes to put under contract before the current tax credits expire at the end of April.

You have a listing agent who you have put in charge of taking care of your listings for you. As you can see by the lack of footprints in the snow that not only are the sidewalks and driveway still covered in snow, no one has gone to check on the interior of the property.

We have had a lot of problems with leaks due to clogged gutters and if the house is winterized chances are it is freezing cold inside. Cold and wet are not a good combination as I’m sure you know. When a buyer can finally make it to the front door they may be in for an unpleasant surprise or two.

There is no doubt that you want your property to sell for top dollar and time is wasting. Would you please contact the listing agent, ask them to check on the home and hire a crew to shovel a usable path to the front door and check the interior?

My buyers are qualified and ready to go. Sorry we had to pass your home by.

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