Who Says MLS Photos Aren't Important?

If you are thinking about listing your home in Northern Virginia soon or your home is already on the market and you wonder why you aren’t seeing much in the way of traffic one of the reasons could be the lack of MLS photos. With over 85% of all buyers starting their search for a new home on the internet the lack of photos can make them pass your home by or drop it to the bottom of their must see list.

Anyone who has watched the news about the “snowpocalypse” in Northern Virginia knows that buyers and there agents have been hampered in showing properties for the last few days and may for the next few as well. However that didn’t stop one agent and their buyer from sending in an attractive offer on my new listing in the Port Potomac neighborhood Prince William County VA.

The buyer has not set foot in the home but is familiar with the neighborhood and the model. Her tour of the home has been through my photos in the MLS and my video tour posted on my blog. They knew they loved the neighborhood and after viewing the photos they knew the home was in good condition and was the right one for them.

If your are talking to agents who say photos don’t make a difference they obviously do. Say NEXT and call an agent who knows that photos DO help sell houses in today’s Northern Virginia real estate market.

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