Spelunking-Its Not Just for Exploring Caves Anymore

Spelunking_2Back in my college days I used to do a little spelunking. Not serious enough to need loads of equipment but I did have a head lamp and developed an appreciation for how dark caves can be. We won’t talk about bats and other creatures that also enjoyed being in the caves. Suffice it to say guano is not cool.

These days my spelunking adventures seem to be on a different track. It isn’t about finding a new cave to explore but finding a Northern Virginia foreclosure where the lights are on. In the winter it is dark before more people manage to get off work. As a result unless a buyer can wait until the weekend to look for a house, most of the time we are fumbling around in the dark.

It is a mystery to me as to why lenders think the way to sell a home is to make it difficult to see. I understand turning off the water to avoid freezing pipes or to keep people who don’t understand the basics of personal hygiene from using the bathrooms but pitch black?

This past week my clients and I almost took a tumble down a broken staircase in a foreclosure and we are talking about a house in a upscale Northern Virginia neighborhood. It made me wondered if any prospective buyers or agents have sued lenders over accidents in dark houses?

Perhaps there is a method to the madness of leaving the lights off but after almost 2 years of showing houses in the dark I’m over it. I’m putting away the head lamp and waiting for more daylight before I risk a broken neck because the lender won’t pay for a few months worth of electricity.

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