Looking to Sell Your Northern Virginia Home…or Not?

There are hundreds of agents vying to list your Northern Virginia home for sale. Some of them will offer you the moon and only deliver cheese. Here are a couple of hints for you consider when talking to agents about selling your home.

PHOTOS-do they take them? What is the quality? Do they make an effort to adjust the light so you can see the rooms. Do they help you stage the home for the best photos. How many photos do they take and when will the photos be uploaded to the MLS?

BROCHURES-do they provide them? Of course if they don’t take any photos probably won’t be any brochures (I’m not talking about a stack of MLS listings sheets in your house.)

DIRECTIONS-do they actually know how to get to your house? See MapQuest, use your GPS or Google the Address are not acceptable.

SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS-electronic lockboxes are all the rage these days. They make it easy for licensed agents and only licensed agents to show your home. They record who has been to your home for an agent to be able to request feedback. Having to track down an agent for a lockbox combo is so….2009.

-is that a word? Anyway can anyone reach your agent? Voicemail messages that say you can reach me from 9-5 M to F should be a tip off. Or if the only way to reach the agent is via email then agents who have questions or want to right an offer may be left frustrated.

When you interview agents ask them to bring copies of their MLS listings so you can see how they present your home in the MLS. Remember that the MLS is what feeds most of the major real estate websites such including Realtor.com and if the information in the MLS is wrong it will be wrong on every syndication site as well.

And finally once your listing is in the MLS ask for a copy. Make sure that your agent is really trying to sell your home and not just list it for sale.

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