Quick Guide to Extended Tax Credit for Northern Virginia Buyers

I could recite the new extended tax credit to you or I could save us all time and link you to an official flyer.

Guess which route I’m going to take:

Extended First Time Homebuyers Credit

What isn’t shown on this flyer is the extension of the tax credit for military families.  If you are active duty military or qualified government employee and have been stationed outside the US at least 3 months in 2009 you have more time to buy a home.  If you meet the criteria you have until April 30, 2011 to settle on a new home.  Now that is GOOD NEWS!


If you were sitting on the fence while all of the wrangling was going on in Congress now is your chance to get into the home buying mood.  Buying a new home isn’t for everyone but if you have meet with a mortgage professional and you feel that you are financially prepared to make the plunge then give me a call.

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