Stupid Pet Tricks While Showing A Home

Stupid Pet Tricks in Northern Virginia
It seemed as if it would be an easy showing. The instructions in the Northern Virginia MLS said to call the owner first so they could crate the dog. We had a pleasant conversation, gave them a timeframe and they said they would vacate the house so we could have it to ourselves. You have to love sellers who understand the process.

We arrive at our appointed time and just to make sure the owners are gone I knock on the door. From deep inside the house I hear the dog bark followed by a voice calling out "shut up". Figuring that the owners hadn't left yet I wait a bit and then knock again. The dog barks and the same voice responds "shut up." Okay this is annoying why aren't they answering the door?

So cautiously I open the door and say "hello". A voice from the back of the house says "hello" but no one appears. Alright I guess they aren't leaving and we are going to head on in. As we pass through the foyer keeping an eye out for the owners the dog barks again and when we hear the little voice say "shut up" we realize that it sounds more like a child than an adult. Now I'm worried that the parents have gone and left a child behind.

As we round the corner to the dining room we find our little voice. It is a PARROT! Sure enough the dog barks again and looking us right in the eye the parrot says "shut up." Good thing the owners don't swear like sailors or we might not have such a good laugh.

Just proves you never know what you will find when you head out to show a house.

Now about that naked guy in the shower of a vacant house?????

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