Extending the $8000 Credit for Military Familes

The US House of Representatives overwhelming voted to extend the first time home buyers credit for an additional 12 months to anyone in the military who has served overseas for three months in 2009. In a vote of 416 to zero the bill now has to go the US Senate and the President for final approval.

This extension could give up to 350,000 military families currently deployed overseas unitl November 2010 to take advantage of the current tax credit. In addition the IRS “recapture” rules will be waived for any service member who is deployed and must sell or rent their home.

Known as the Service Members Home Owners Tax Act this bill also contains the provision to waive the income tax liability currently in the expanded Department of Defense Homeowners Assistance Program.

The next step for this bill (HR 3590) is for the Senate Finance Committee to review the bill and hopefully move it to a vote in the full Senate.

This seems to be one time that the US Congress, Senate and President should be able to agree. Extending the tax credit for our military is the right thing to do no matter what your political beliefs.

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