One More Step in the Virtual World

After working for months to try and resolve technology issues with new computers and upgraded on-line forms I’m now able to offer my customers the convenience of electronic signatures.

Gone is the FAX to PDF hassle. Now you can sign securely right on-line and send the contract back. Being able do more of the technology end of a real estate transaction directly on-line saves everyone time and at the end of the day we actually end up with a readable contract!

I realize this technology isn’t new but part of the issue has been getting other agents on board and getting the real estate boards to say YES this is a legal contract. Unfortunately after going through the entire process on one recent transaction I learned the lawyers at Cartus Relocation won’t accept electronic signatures and the buyer’s had to resign a contract with a good old pen.

Now I guess I can get rid of the fax machine with the roll of Thermal paper….just kidding!

4 thoughts on “One More Step in the Virtual World

  1. Cindy, welcome to the club. Other agents aren’t always willing to accept, and I’ve also found them to be less than well received by corporate sellers.

    But each day, we move closer. And it’s more green.

  2. I think it has taken awhile for everyone to realize that electronic signatures are “legally” and we should see more agents moving in this direction soon.

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