Fort Belvoir-New DeWitt Hospital is Taking Shape

The new DeWitt Army Hospital at Fort Belvoir is less than 2 years away from opening it’s doors as part of the influx military and civilian jobs heading to Fort Belvoir. 

The construction area is buzzing seven days a week!  



The new DeWitt Hosptial is located just inside Pence gate and is just down the road from the current hospital but it is easy to see how this new facility will eclipse the old one. The new DeWitt Army hospital will not be a single building but a complex. Featuring state of the art technology eliminating the need for hand carrying of medical records from one facility to another, top of the line clinic services and more inpatient services the hospital will rival any top of the line private hospital.

DeWitt Army Hospital-Fort BelvoirThe current DeWitt hospital is a typical military hospital with most of the clinics and services that you will find at any civilian hospital. The outside of the building is showing its age and might remind someone arriving at the main door more of a bunker than a hospital. Today the hospital handles up to 150,000 patients including the families stationed at Fort Belvoir, retirees and their families as well.

The new DeWitt hospital is just one of the many changes coming to Fort Belvoir as a result of BRAC.  The evidence of the changes coming can be found with the new NGA building in Springfield, the Fairfax County Parkway extension and the Mark Center project.

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