Fort Belvoir-The New "Green" on Post

In seems logical that the Army would build green homes. Where else can you see more green than on an Army post? But the green homes at Fort Belvoir have nothing to do with fatigues or uniforms but are all about the environment and building housing to support those who sacrifice to serve our country.

Under a partnership with Clark-Pinnacle the 12 Villages of Fort Belvoir have been undergoing a transformation. Over 1100 homes have been demolished and replaced with “energy star certified” homes.” In order for a home to qualify as an “energy star certified home” they have to be built with the appliances, AC units, windows and insulation that meets the US Department of Energy standards.

Open in late summer 2008 the Fairfax Village Neighborhood Center has been awarded Platinum LEED Certification the first in the country on a military installation. With a butterfly garden, playground and community center the neighborhood center is one of 5 centers that will be available to residents of Fort Belvoir housing.

Driving through the different neighborhoods on Fort Belvoir it is great to see how far military housing has come. Having lived in military housing both in the US and overseas our family learned both the good and bad that came from living in housing that didn’t always meet a families needs. The partnership between the Army and Clark-Pinnacle at Fort Belvoir proves that the military recognizes how important it is to support military families today.

If you have orders to Fort Belvoir and on base housing are an option you want to consider contact the Villages at Fort Belvoir Welcome Center at 703- 454-9700. If you need a place to live in one of the great neighborhoods outside of Fort Belvoir then give me a call at 703-346-2213 or check out my other site to see more information on the local area.

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