Homeowners Assistance Progam (HAP) More Funding Proposed

As families currently eligible for the Department of Defense HAP program await updated guidelines to be published, additional funding is being proposed in the US Senate by Virginia Senator Jim Webb for Fiscal Year 2010.

Senate bill (S 1309) proposes an additional $350 million dollars to enhance the funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed last fall. With over 2000 applications for assistance for wounded warriors, surviving spouses, families with PCS orders and BRAC transferees in the south east district waiting to be processed, it is apparent that the current funding could easily be depleted before the deadline for the program expires.

The financial burden military families who are required to move with PCS orders in a sagging housing market can be significant. Currently I’m working with three Northern Virginia families stationed either at Fort Belvoir or the Pentagon eligible for HAP assistance and our weekly conversations with HAP counselors suggests that the required guidelines are making their way through the appropriate channels. With HAP benefits most of that burden of negative equity can be lifted with HAP funds provided at settlement.

If you are a military family stationed at Fort Belvoir, Quantico, the Pentagon or any of the Military District of Washington installations who qualifies for the HAP program give me a call. I’m currently working with families in your situation and understand the process, application requirements and have successfully negotiated sales contracts to help you sell your home in our current market.

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  1. Ms. Jones-

    We are a military family relocating to the quantico area. We will be looking to buy in the Manassas area. However, we are held up with this HAP program with our current home. Do you know what the current status is of the HAP funding? My understanding was that it was to come off of the Federal Registry on Aug 18th and go the the Sec of Def for final signature, then caseworkers could start processing all of the applications. Indealing with your clients, do you have any updates? Are we waiting for the Sec signature? Does anyone have an estimate of when that signature will occur and the “go ahead” is given? Thank you so much for your time.


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