Does Tim Geithner Need a Lesson in Home Pricing?

Leave it to Jon Stewart to come up with another look at the housing market. Guess he doesn’t qualify for a short sale!

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2 thoughts on “Does Tim Geithner Need a Lesson in Home Pricing?

  1. Aw, it’s not fair to pick on politicians or economists. We do the same thing as Realtors. Check out Tom Stevens’ home which he sold in Vienna; he was chasing the market, but not fast enough. I suspect he was doing exactly what I suggest my sellers don’t. But, yes, Jon Stewart’s clip does remind us all that everyone is, after all, just human.

  2. But Claude if we can’t poke fun at the economists who say the housing crisis is over then what will we do with our spare time?

    Chasing the market down is never a good marketing strategy and hopefully as Realtors we are helping our clients understand how an overpriced listing can hurt their chances for a good solid offer.

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