Real Estate isn’t About Domination

There are plenty of agents who believe that the only way to win friends and influence people is to dominate a deal. Making solid professional connections can make the difference between a SOLD sign or a deal that falls apart at the last minute. Valuing those relationships and acknowledging them should be part of what any agent does.

Selling real estate has never been an individual effort. Even if an agent works alone they don’t really. They need the assistance of home inspectors, mortgage professionals, settlement attorneys and other agents. And when a deal has last minute issues, working those relationships in a positive manner can make the difference between settlement and a lawsuit.

Agents are a lot like elephants, we have long memories and when another agent does us “wrong” we remember it. Trying to dominate is not the way to build constructive relationships. So I always give kudos to the teams that get my listings closed.

So kudos to the team that managed to get my listing closed in the Potomac Club in Prince William County.

Brandy Brizinski Buyer’s Agent- Long & Foster
Alice DeShield Loan Officer-BB&T Mortgage
Denise Brown Processor-MBH Lake Ridge
David Field Attorney-MBH Lake Ridge
Jeanetta Byrant Customer Relations- Pulte Homes
Alice DeShield Loan Officer-BB&T Mortgage

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