HAP-Military Families There May Be Help for You

Homeowners Assistance Program

Military families stationed at Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon, Quantico and other Military District of Washington installations who purchased a home prior to July 1, 2006 may find that Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) may offer some relief if you have upcoming PCS orders to move.

This week I had the opportunity to start working with a family applying for HAP benefits. The official guidelines for the program are still pending but the counselor I spoke with in Savannah says they already have over 1300 applications waiting. We have a listing agreement in place (one of the requirements) and as soon as the final program rules are announced we will be ready to market their home.

The HAP program is aimed towards helping:

Active Duty Military Personnel with PCS orders who are upside down on their mortgage
Wounded soldiers who must relocate due to medical conditions (wounded after 9/1/2001)
Surviving Spouses (death of military member after 9/1/2001)

According to the Homeowners Assistance Program information the Department of Defense (DoD) will reimburse the covered groups up to 95% of their loss if their homes was purchased prior to July 1 2006.

If you live in Northern Virginia and you are anticipating PCS orders this summer and you qualify for HAP, now is the time to start gathering your documents and call the HAP Field Office for our area (located in Savannah) at 800-861-8144 for additional information.

Download information on how to apply for the HAP program.

One thought on “HAP-Military Families There May Be Help for You

  1. is there any chance (or ammendment being offered) that this benefit will be extended to those same military persons that purchased their home in November 2006 and have been PCS’d in 2009 after serving three combat tours in Iraq?

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