Buyers-Did You Just Become a Purchased Lead?

You are out searching the internet for a home and you land on a sight that says “search here” for your new home and you click the link.  Immediately the site asks for your name, email address and for additional information on the home you are looking for.

As soon as you fill in those fields and click submit you may have just become a lead purchased by a real estate agent who now has all of your contact information.  Not only will you get a list of homes that meet your search criteria but anything else they may have programmed into their “lead capture” system for days, weeks and months into the future.

It is happening every day to thousands who are following the trend of today’s buyers who search the internet first before contacting an agent.  The leads are funneled to agents who have purchased “territories” for a set fee per month.  Certainly lead capture is what a typical sales agent wants to do.  If you take Sales 101 it is clear that the only way to fill your funnel is to capture as many leads as you can at the top of the funnel and hope that you are able to work those leads until they become prospects and then customers.  The more leads at the top of the funnel the better chance you have of one or two customers popping out of the bottom of your funnel.

The question is do you want to be a purchased lead?  Are you just looking for a site that allows you to search for available homes without having to register?  Then feel free to use my search site.  You don’t have to register in order to take a look around.  If you want to save your searches or have searched sent to you on a regular basis then you will have to register.  But I’m not going to spam you with loads of unwanted emails about buying a home.  If you come back and have questions that aren’t answered on my blog or my website then you can call me to chat.  If you want to sit and talk in person we can do that too.  No hassle and no pressure.  If I’m the agent you want to work with to buy your new home even better.

I’m not going to “purchase” your business I’m going to earn it.



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