The Secret Life of Bloggers-Finding Free WiFi Where You Least Expect It

Anyone who finds spends a few hours a day blogging knows that you can become weary of looking at the walls in your office, either at home or elsewhere. So you venture out into the world to make connections not only with people but with the free WiFi spots around your area.

Recently I learned of a new free WiFi spot in Woodbridge, Virginia. The obvious spots are Starbucks and Panera Bread with a number of locations around the area. The not so obvious one is the second level lounge/eating area at Wegmans grocery store.

It just so happened that when I stopped in at Wegmans after dropping off brochures at a new listing in Potomac Club, my little 9 inch laptop was in my bag. Figuring I’d write myself a few notes and maybe even a blog post while I had some lunch from one of their fabulous prepared food areas I pulled out the computer and fired the mini up. Viola a wireless connection icon appeared and sure enough a live internet connection.

If you live in the Woodbridge or Dumfries area and are hungry, stopping by Wegmans for a bite to eat is an experience in itself. Discovering that you can log on to a wireless network while you eat lunch and people watch, should make Wegmans a local favorite for bloggers and anyone else who needs an escape from their home office.

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