Fort Belvoir-Base Housing A New Look

The first question you might ask is why would a Realtor® write about base housing?   Don’t you want to sell me a house?  Certainly it would be nice if everyone who moved to Fort Belvoir would buy a home but in reality many families make the decision to live on base for a variety of reasons.

Our family had to make the same decision both in the US and overseas.  We lived both on and off base depending on what housing was available for us and our location.  Our 700 square foot house in Okinawa with neighbors who owned a water buffalo was an experience you don’t have everyday and one I won’t ever forget.

Anyone headed to Fort Belvoir will discover a wide variety of housing options.   Recent construction has replaced many of the older duplexes with new townhouses and detached homes.  Add in the town center and you might have a hard time distinguishing the neighborhoods on post with some outside the gates of the post.   Obviously the Fort Belvoir housing office will be the official place for you to learn about which neighborhood and type of house you may be eligible for should you decide to look at post housing.

Driving around post you will find the base housing divided into 12 villages with homes ranging from the historic older brick homes in the Gerber and Belvoir Villages to the brand new “green” homes in Fairfax Village.  Fairfax Village is the site of a LEED-Platinum certified neighborhood center.  Platinum LEED-Certification is the highest award and the neighborhood also features a native species butterfly garden.

With the close by Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge for families to enjoy, aFairfax County elementary school on post and multiple recreation centers, living on post has certainly improved.  If you decide that off post housing is a better fit for you please give me a call.  I’d be glad to help you look at nieghborhoods that will meet your needs.

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  1. I don’t normally comment on blogs but your post was a real help. Thank you for a great topic, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check it out again. Cheers, Amy xXx.

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