Northern Virginia Commuting-It Can be A Real Pain

Are you relocating to Northern Virginia? Are you worried about finding the right home in a neighborhood close to work or within a reasonable commuting time to your new job? A standard question for anyone new to Northern Virginia to ask is “how long will it take me to get from here to there?”

Fortunately it is a question I can answer from years of experience. The reason I feel qualified to speak to the commute is because prior to getting my real estate license I had successful careers in the private sector which required me to commute throughout the area.

For years I lived in different neighborhoods in Northern Virginia and commuted to other parts of the area, DC and even for a year to PA. I drove the streets during morning and afternoon rush hour, rode the metro, connector buses, VRE and even Amtrak. For three years I picked up slugs every morning for a commute into DC. 

DC has been named the #3 worst commuting area by Forbes Magazine behind LA and SF so our ever changing traffic patterns can be a mystery for someone just moving to the area.

When a military family asks me if they can drive from Burke to Fort Belvoir at 7AM in the morning in less than 30 minutes experience tells me “yes” and I can give you multiple options for the drive. Ask me if you can slug from Springfield to the Pentagon in 20 minutes and I’m going to tell you “yes” because I did it for years.  Ask me if you can get from Woodbride to Bolling AFB in 30 minutes and I’ll tell you no. Northern Virginia commuting changes with the seasons as well. When the time changes in the fall the evening commute can get longer due to nighttime driving conditions. And my best advice is if the weather channel even hints of one snowflake then you need to take public transportation if you want any chance of getting home at all.

If you are a buyer who is looking for realistic information about commuting in the Northern Virginia area give me a call. I can help you make buying decisions that include not only the neighborhood that works for your family but also an understanding of commuting patterns in Northern Virginia.

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