The Mailman Knows Where the Next Foreclosure Is

mailman2.jpgmailman2.jpgmailman2.jpgThink Mailman2Mailman2about it for a second.  If you want to know who is having trouble paying their mortgage the mailman may be the person to ask.  The mailman is the one that is delivering the overdue notices and demand letters from the lenders to the house.  It seems they should be the ones we should be asking what’s going on in the market.  If all real estate is local then who is more local than the mailman?

This might seem a bit far fetched but it is it anymore far fetched than what the national news is reporting?  The balance of what they tell us is stilted to the story they want to report.  Facts may not be all that important and the numbers they use doesn’t always match the reality of a particular neighborhood.

It is true that the mailman might know who is getting the foreclosure notices but they don’t know how much the houses in the neighborhood are selling for.  They don’t know what concessions the lenders are willing to provide to get a home sold.  They don’t know how to write a contract that protects your interests and they don’t know how to connect you with the right lender.  That is where buyers need the help of a Realtor® who is in the trenches everyday.

If you don’t want to be charged with stalking the mailman trying to find the next foreclosure in your favorite neighborhood call a Realtor®.  They will be there to prtoect your interests and make sure that you don’t have to be out in the rain, sleet and dead of night to make it happen!

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