An Optimists View Of Northern Virginia Short Sales

Short sale bookYes Virginia short sales do get to closing.  Is it the easiest route to homeownership?  No the easiest way is to find an owner who is aware of the current market conditions in Northern Virginia and prices their home to reflect the market.  Can a short sale work for buyers who are looking for a good deal and have patience to work through the process?  Absolutely!

As an agent who has worked both sides of short sales there are some tips that I’ve learned along the way.  For buyers who are considering making an offer on a short sale you need to be aware that no matter what you include in the Virginia Regional Sales Contract the lender will have their own addendums which will supersede just about everything you put in the contract.   This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write a contract with the terms and conditions that meet your circumstances but it does mean you need to be prepared to be flexible about closing dates, inspections and closing cost credits.

If you are firm that it is your way or no way because this is a “buyer’s market” then a short sale will leave you feeling frustrated and angry.  The processors handling short sales don’t really care about what you want.  They are running the numbers to see how much they can walk away with at the end of the deal.  It is strictly about the bottom line for them.

For agents who are thinking about making an offer on a property listed as a short sale there are a few key questions to ask before you write the offer. 

Does the agent have permission from the owner to talk directly to the lender?
Has the agent been in touch with the lender and have appropriate contact numbers? 
Has the owner completed the short sale package from the lender?
Has the owner prepared their hardship letter?
How many loans are currently on the property? 
If more than one loan are they from the same lender?
Who is the lender (s)?
Have you done a pre-settlement statement for the lender?
How long do you estimate that the lender will take to provide an answer?

While buying a home listed as a short sale may be more time consuming in the end you will get a home a good price without some of the problems associated with properties already owned by the lender.  If you are interested in learning more about purchasing a short sale or have a home that you are considering listing for sale give me a call.  I’ll be glad to talk to you about the process and see how my team can help.

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  1. Very through information. Unfortunately even doing everything right, sometimes the bank leaves you feeling very frustrated. I’m working on my first one and if my buyer is successful they will have a great deal.

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