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You have decided that you need to sell your Northern Virginia home and are wondering how can you make your home standout from all of the other properties listed for sale.

If you haven’t read the first two parts of “If You List It They Will Come” you should start there:

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Kicked out the doorIf the Realtor® you are talking to suggests that all you need to do to get your home SOLD is list it in the MLS and buyers will come running to your house, then once again you need to show them the door.

Today’s buyer is internet savvy!  It doesn’t matter what source you read they all tell you the same thing.  Over 80% of today’s home buyers search for a home on the internet.  The variety of sites and tools available make it easy for a buyer to browse from the comfort of their own home, on their own time and at their own pace.  Many buyers spend months on-line before they ever contact and agent to represent them.

So how do the Realtors® you are talking to get your home in front of the most buyers?  First and foremost you need to make sure they have an active and current website that has your listing available.  Second you need to find out how well linked is their website to other websites that showcase listings.  Links to sites that are not about showing your home on line are of little value to you.  You want someone who is surfing the internet to find your home on as many real estate listing sites as possible.

Does  the Realtor® you are considering work for company that has a presence outside of Northern Virginia?  Not everyone looking for a new home already lives in the area.  Making sure that your home can be found on national websites such as RE/MAX.com and Realtor.com are critical to making sure you home is seen by buyers no matter where they currently live. 

Will your listing have its own URL and will that be featured on a sign rider in front of your home making it easy to find on the internet? 

(click sign to go to listing)

 Will the agent upload multiple good quality photos of your home as soon as it is active in the MLS? 

How often are the websites and MLS updated to keep your home in front of buyers?

Does the agent maintain one or more real estate related blogs where they write about your home?

It goes without saying that your home should have color brochures available on day one and professional signage in the front yard.  Each home has individual needs and depending on your home their may be other options such as coverage in the local press, featured home status in Friday Home Guides and more.  Make sure that the company that the agent works for spends significant money on national advertising to bring more people to their website and more leads to their agents.

So as you consider all of your options for picking a Realtor® to list your home make sure that the internet is a large part of their strategy.   Today’s buyer is online and your home should be too.

Be like one of the good citizens of the great state of Missouri and say SHOW ME!

If you are getting ready to list your home this year give me a call.  I’ll be glad to show you all of the ways I work to get your home in front of as many internet savvy buyers as possible.  With a personalized marketing plan for your home and the Power of RE/MAX we can get your home SOLD!

Stay tuned for Part IV.  My Home is Listed Now What?

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