Do You Have PCS Orders to Fort Belvoir VA?

Military pictureAs someone who has moved all around the world with the military the first few days after the PCS orders arrive the questions about housing, schools and shopping can lead to sleepless nights and the big question “where are we going to live?”

If the orders in your hand mean you are heading to Fort Belvoir then let me welcome you to the neighborhood! Most military personal headed to the base often choose to live in either Fairfax or Prince William County and whether you are going to buy or rent there are plenty of neighborhood options for you to choose from. The first thing you need to do is check the 2008 BAH rates for Fort Belvoir. Fort Belvoir rates fall in the Washington District (DC053) under zip code 22206.

If you are thinking of buying a home, the current Northern Virginia market provides you the chance to find a good value on a home closer to the main gates of Fort Belvoir. Many military personal are dusting off their VA Certificate of Eligibility (remember that green certificate) and checking with local lenders about the options available to use their VA loans.  If buying is the plans make sure you have talked to a lender prior to making your house hunting trip. Knowing what monthly payment you are comfortable with is important for looking at homes in neighborhoods that meet your price criteria.

DSC00898Once you have determined your price range you have the option to start your search on-line to get an idea of the type of homes that are within your price range. There are a number of neighborhoods in Northern Virginia that have always been popular with military families stationed at Fort Belvoir including Kingstowne, Lorton and Westridge. If you have school age children starting with information on local schools through the Fairfax County or Prince William County sites or the Great Schools website will also assist you in determining the right neighborhood for your family.

The best way to get to know the area is to call on a Realtor® who not only has been through the stress of numerous military moves but is a native of the area. I’ve lived through the best and worst military moves and know how to help your family learn about Northern Virginia and find a neighborhood that you will want to call home while stationed at Fort Belvoir. My military relocation network is at your fingertips through my on-line resources, on the phone and in person. Don’t lose sleep over your orders. I’m here to help you with a smooth transition!

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  1. Another GREAT post for military families. ‘Guess I’d better finish building that directory of bases nationwide so we can link to you and make sure that Fort Belvoir personnel can find you.

  2. I’m looking forward to be included. Obviously we both have the expertise and experience to provide great service to our local military transferees.

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