Moments of Silence During the Holiday Season

Dc monumentDuring the holiday season it is easy to become overwhelmed. With the music, decorations, shopping, crowds and business it can make us cranky and short tempered. You can see it everywhere with pushing, shoving in stores and fighting for parking spaces.

For our family this is the time of year that we relish the moments of silence. Sometimes it is a walk; even on a rainy day and others it is taking time to honor our fallen hero’s, the members of the armed forces who have given so much to protect our country. At this time of year a walk through the memorials in DC and Arlington National Cemetery can put so many things in perspective.

For whatever reason and no matter what country the visitors are from when people begin the walk through the memorials in our area you can feel the change. Where there was a noisy and boisterous group of students there is now a quiet group studying the plaques on the wall. Where they were tourists with their cameras clicking away there is a quiet group with cameras shuttered. Where there are families who have lost loved ones kneeling by a headstone or touching a name on the wall, those walking by bow their heads to join them in a moment of silence.

Air force memoralIt is these moments of silence that make the holiday season take on a new meaning. It is taking time from the hustle and bustle of what goes on around us to remember those who gave their lives so that we can celebrate our holidays. Not everyone has the opportunity to join the thousands who come to Washington DC to walk through the memorials or Arlington National Cemetery during the holidays but everyone who does relishes those moments of silence to put their lives in perspective.

No matter where you are this holiday season take some time to create your moment of silence for yourself. No matter what you choose to do, whether it is to take a long bath, sit in front of the fireplace or walk through the memorials in your area, don’t let the stress of the holidays make you lose sight of how lucky we are. And when you have your moment of silence please say thank-you to all of the servicemen and women who sacrifice everyday for our country.

Thanks to Margaret and Larry Woda for their beautiful post:
Santa’s Helpers Lay Christmas Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery.

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