Military Relocations to Northern Virginia

Did you just get your PCS orders for the Northern Virginia area?

Not to worry. Once the surprise of your latest set of orders is over, it’s time to get started figuring out where you want to live in Northern Virginia. One of the nice things about this area is the variety of neighborhoods, home styles and price ranges available. There are traditional neighborhoodsthat have always been popular with military families and in the last few years plenty of new construction that has expanded the options even further.

J0400667As a native of the area and having lived all over the US and world as a military spouse, I know a lot about relocating to and from this area and what it takes to make it happen smoothly. One of the first things most families with PCS orders to Northern Virginia do is schedule the initial house hunting trip. With the internet, digital photos and virtual tours the stress of these trips has been greatly reduced.

Working with an agent familiar with the area and your needs, you can narrow down your choices before you ever leave home. Instead of spending days trapped in the car looking at homes you can focus on the houses that really interest you and spend more time learning about the other benefits of the Northern Virginia area. I’ve actually helped military families who were not able to make a house hunting trip find a home to rent “sight unseen.”

No matter whether you are headed to an assignment at the Military District of Washington, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir or Quantico finding your next home doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. If you have orders and are looking for an agent experienced with military relocation and who will go the extra mile with your move to Northern Virginia give me a call at 703-346-2213. I would be glad to send you a local information package with maps, local papers and referrals to mortgage professionals. I work with both military buyers and renters so if a purchase isn’t in your plans don’t hesitate to call!

You can read more about different neighborhoods in our area throughout my blog and on my website. If you have questions about a certain neighborhood in the area just let me know and I’ll be glad to send you more information.

Search all homes available in the Northern Virginia area.

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  1. ‘Glad to know about your expertise in working with military personnel, Cindy. Sometimes I get incoming transferees who want to look in both states, and I will remember you the next time that happens.

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