Taking in a Breath of Fresh Air in Fairfax County

Burke lake park
A lot is written about the traffic congestion in Fairfax County and it is true we do have our share of jammed roads during rush hour but we also have a huge amount of green space to enjoy when we aren’t fretting about getting to work.

One of the best known parks in our area is Burke Lake Park right off of Route 123 and a few miles from the City of Fairfax. With over 850 acres including a 220 acre lake there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. For the walkers, joggers and bikers the 5 mile dirt loop around the lake is a great way to take in all of the vistas. Burke lake park rr

For the youngsters the miniature train ride chugging along at 10 MPH is a hoot.

Want to get in a round of golf? You can do that too at the 18 hole Par 3 course.

My son and his friends are big fans of the Frisbee golf course, though for the life of me the fun of trying to throw a Frisbee through a hoop eludes me! For the young and young at heart stop by and give the Carousel a whirl.
CarouselDon’t forget to bring your stale bread to feed the ducks. Guaranteed you will be attacked without it!

For the guys who like to fish you can rent a small electric powered boat or canoe and cast your line. Make sure you have a valid fishing license. It’s the law!

One of the best things about the park is that no matter what season you go you will find the park well maintained and friendly park staff around to help.

Burke Lake Park is just one example of the benefits of living in Fairfax County. With over 25,000 acres of parkland maintained by the Fairfax County Park Authority you can find a park just around the corner from almost any neighborhood in the county. If you didn’t wear yourself out from playing in the park or over indulge with your picnic then you can head just a few miles down the winding road to Clifton or south to Historic Occoquan to finish off the day.

Enjoy yourself and see you around the park.
Map of Park Activities

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