The Film Doesn't Need to be Developed

J0430455Now that our regional MLS is offering agents the opportunity to upload 30 free photos it will be interesting to see if more agents will take the leap and post multiple photos or in at least one! Believe it or not there are listings that don’t even get an exterior photo which can only mean that the agent has clicked the option to “upload all” and then doesn’t bother or has no clue. When the MLS was charging for uploading additional photos the price was so cheap that it wasn’t a big deal and agents who passed were just hurting their clients.

In a time when buyers are spending more time previewing homes on the internet before they even call an agent, listings without photos are quickly passed by in favor of those with photos. One of my current buyers is completely frustrated because most of the properties he is finding in his price range don’t have pictures and because he also is looking for a house with a place for a pool table so the lack of room sizes (which could be it’s own blog post) is driving both of us crazy.

As a seller in a market with significant competition for a buyer’s attention make sure your agent is maximizing the use of the MLS and other online resources for getting your home the most on-line exposure possible. There are so many tools available for agents to use to get your home noticed in today’s market that the excuse I’m waiting to get the film developed just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Example of New MLS Tour

Example of Virtual Tour attached to MLS Listing

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