9/11-The Second Day that Changed My Life

FlagI’ve had a few events in my life that changed the road I was so blissful walking down.  Today is September 11th and this day was the second event tied to the Middle East that changed where I thought I was going with my life.  In some ways the two events that changed my life were interconnected in the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” way of life.  I’m going to skip the first but anyone who has read any of my blogs on AR Rain supporting our troops around the world understands the connection.

On September 11th I was across the country in Seattle, Washington on a business trip to Microsoft.   I woke up early due to the time difference and flipped on the TV something that I don’t normal do.   Like everyone else around the world I was glued to the set and immediately worried about friends and family. My son was scheduled to go to an interview in the Pentagon that morning.  Of course all of the phone lines were jammed and all I could do is keep hitting the redial button.   I wandered over to the meeting at Microsoft but none of us could get any work done.  We gave up after a couple of hours so that we could try and reach our families and figure out how we were going to get home.

Fortunately I was able to track down my family and after spending 5 days trying to get back to DC I managed to find a flight that would get me to Baltimore.  Close enough.  I met some nice people along the way and even though the airport lines were unbelievable you didn’t see or hear a single person complaining about the process.  That trip changed my future.  Within a month of returning I decided that I didn’t want the road warrior lifestyle anymore.   Despite the lure of frequent flyer miles it was time to be able to spend more time with my family and friends.  My company tried to get me to change my mind but I knew that my heart was no longer in it.

I feel fortunate that my family was safe and that I had the choice to make a change to another career.  So many others didn’t.  Of course the career was real estate and it has been a wonderful change. 

I’ll have my flag on my balcony today even though our condo rules prohibit it.  I don’t care.  The day requires me to stop and remember how my life was changed because of what so many others lost. 

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  1. Cindy- thanks for stopping by BeltwayRamblings. You have to get your neighbors to also hang flags from their baloncies- it would look so cool for the whole building to do it on 9/11!

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