Garages Sell Homes Too!

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 When you begin to tackle your getting your ready home for sale, don’t neglect your garage. Home to cars, bikes, tools, and countless other items, garages are often cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, a tidy garage is well within reach. Here are some tips from Home and Garden Television on how to get started:

Plan:  Consider wearing protective gloves and appropriate clothing and shoes – you may find more dirt and grime than you expect. Designate an appropriate space to store garage items while you’re cleaning and organizing. It helps to move items out of the garage temporarily.

Say goodbye: It can be tough to throw things away, but is it really necessary to keep that broken shovel or the sporting equipment your kids outgrew ten years ago? Decide what you don’t need anymore and have a garage sale, donate or recycle the items, or just throw them out.

Take stock: In some regions, garages can heat up to over 100 degrees, in others they can dip well below freezing. They can be susceptible to water leaks and oil spills. So this is not the place to store valuables or family memorabilia. Move those important items to another storage area in your home.

Categorize:  Sort the remaining items into categories such as tools, household goods, toys, car care, etc. This way you can store all like items together and find them more easily.

Consider shelves and hooks:  All-purpose shelving, available at any large home improvement retailer, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. And while shelf space is important, don’t cover every wall. You’ll need room for hooks to hang larger items such as rakes, hoses and lawn chairs. Hanging these items on the wall saves space and keeps them safely off the floor.

Organizing a messy and cluttered garage can seem like a lot of work, but if you tackle the project one step at a time, your garage will be as a neat and orderly as your home in no time


*exerpt from CRS Advantage Newsletter

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