Earth Sheltered Home offers Green Lifestyle


Living RoomNestled in a hillside in the Hunter’s Grove development in Manassas, this earth-sheltered house is one of about a half dozen residential and commercial buildings in the Washington metropolitan area that rely on the earth’s consistent temperatures to assist in heating and cooling, and to provide protection from the elements.

With its weathered wood, glass front and clean, simple lines that meld with the large sculpted patio, mature trees and lush foliage, this home is reminiscent of the organic architecture championed by Frank Lloyd Wright but with a focus on energy efficiency. Constructed on three interconnected poured concrete domes, the home, located on a 1-acre lot, blends perfectly into the landscape on the back and sides and is purposely designed that way to be both ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

At 2,100 square feet, this 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is spacious with abundant natural light. There’s a large center skylight, a second smaller skylight over the two smaller bedrooms and a wall of windows across the front of the house. The interior has conventional vertical walls with vaulted dome ceilings that increase both space and light.

Elements of nature have been incorporated in the large stone mantel behind the wood burning stove which is capable of providing all of the heating necessary for the entire home during the winter. There’s also a heat pump and air conditioning for those few occasions when they might be needed. The master bath is constructed of stone and wood, a theme carried out throughout the home.

What are the benefits of living “green” in this unique home? An 80 percent energy efficiency rating, passive solar from earth’s constant temperatures, low life cycle cost that is one-fourth that of a standard home, less than $160/month total utility costs that can be lowered even further with the addition of an active solar system, less dust and pollen able to infiltrate the structure, storm proof, termite proof and fire resistant.

This house is currently being offered by RE/MAX Allegiance and is listed for $475,000. For more information about this unique home, contact Cindy Jones or visit

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  1. I have to admit that I was obviously a little leary of all the hype taking place around solar. After investigating many different programs and buy options we decide to make the leap. We finished up getting solar without any money down and then we immediatly started lowering costs the very first month is was installed. I must say that this benefits associated with solar are real and I am very happy that we thought to proceed with it.

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