What are they Smoking?

MarajuinaWow, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. 

Selling your home is as simple as 1-2-3. At least that is what the Real Estate Journal on-line says.

“To sell your home you only need to do three very simple things”
•1)      Find out the value of your property
•2)      Market your property
•3)      Transfer the title of your property

Are they out of their minds?  Where in the world did they come up with this idea?  Have they not read anything about selling a home?  Do they have any idea what type of market most of us are facing? 

Okay lets head over to Zillow.com to determine the price of your home.  We all know the accuracy of the data provided by many of the on-line sites.  Home pricing is more than looking at data on the computer.  There are infinite number of variables that are not shown by the on line pricing companies.  A few of them to consider include the condition of your property in comparison to the one shown on line, what type of seller subsidy was included in the sale that might effect the true number and how recent is that sale or tax assessment number?

Then put together an ad for your local paper and put it on Craig’s list and wait for the calls to come pouring in.   When the phone rings and a buyer (without an agent of their own) wants to see your property do you know if they are even qualified to buy?  Are you prepared to put them in touch with a lender to make sure that before you show them your property that then can afford it?  What is the cost to get your home listed on dozens of websites to catch the widest online audience possible?  How are you going to handle a buyer’s agent? 

Now call a Real Estate Attorney and they will handle the transfer of the title for only $500.  I can’t think of an attorney in our area that is going to handle all the paperwork related to a home sale for $500.  A good real estate attorney is going to bill you at least $250 and hour and I guarantee to do all of the title work, deed prep, county and state filings is going to take more than 2 hours!

This is the type of information that gets thousands of homeowners in trouble everyday.  There is so much more that goes in to the sale of a home particularly in a market where your home sale is competing with hundreds of others for a buyers attention. 

So don’t be fooled into thinking that selling your home is as simple as 1-2-3.  If it was then why isn’t everyone selling their own homes?  Maybe it is because it isn’t that simple?  That there are so many variables in selling a home that the permitations can’t be counted. 

So does anyone else think this is rather foolish advice for a seller in today’s market?  Let me know what you think!

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