Park Fairfax A Timeless Alexandria Community

250px-Parkfairfax_EntrancePark Fairfax was a community original started as a need for housing close to the Federal Government, Pentagon and DC in 1941. The homes were originally constructed as apartments by the same construction company that built the Empire State Building. Go figure!

In 1968 the buildings were sold to a new development company (200+ acre land was retained) and were remodeled with the new kitchens and in the wall AC units. From the late 1960’s through the mid-1970’s Park Fairfax was forgotten by the property owners and attempts to tear down the buildings are replace them with high rise apartments were unsuccessful.

Then in 1977 IDI purchased the land for over 24 Million dollars and began the conversion of the all of the centralized systems such as electric meters, additional modern updates such as baseboard heat and garbage disposals. Original sales prices ranged from $27,000 to $54,000. Park Fairfax became a thriving tree lined community with an abundance of community amentias including 3 swimming pools, 8 tennis courts, party rooms and 2 volleyball courts.

With bus service to DC running through the major streets and the revitalized Shirlington Restaurant Row, Park Fairfax has once again become a HOT community. Sales are brisk with the huge variety of models available (15 different floor plans) and proximity to DC.

If you are interested in more information about the area just give me a call. Our family lived in Park Fairfax with one of the neighborhoods more famous residents…Richard Nixon.


3 thoughts on “Park Fairfax A Timeless Alexandria Community

  1. Hi Cindy,

    My family lived in Park Fairfax from 1963 or 1964 until 1968. I was born in 1965, and although I was 3 when we left Park Fairfax I do have many memories of living there (unusual for such a small child). For years I have assumed that Park Fairfax had been demolished because I could not find my parents’ old mailing address on any maps (117 N. DeBray Street). Do you know if DeBray has been renamed? Any other Park Fairfax trivia you can share with me?


    Mike Titus

  2. More trivia? Sure!
    I was born in Alexandria when my parents lived at Park Fairfax. My father. chemist, worked in a Navy laboratory during World War II. Shortly after my birth, our family returned to Evanston, IL, where my father was on the faculty of Northwestern University. It was there that I grew up. But while my mother was pregnant with me, my parents were in an accident on a road within the Park Fairfax community. They said a speeding driver without a license hit their car in the middle of an intersection. My sister, aged 2, was thrown from her baby seat through the front windshield, and suffered a severe gash in her neck. The doctors said she was lucky, since the wound just missed her jugular vein. But she received about 50 stitches. Today, at 66, she still has a visible scar on her neck. I would be grateful for any records you have on my parents’ stay at Park Fairfax. Their names were Dr. Robert L. and Elise Burwell.

  3. I wish I was able to help you but as you can imagine the records for when Parkfairfax was an apartment complex are long gone. The more famous residents had plaques put on their homes along the way to mark where they lived. My parents lived on Martha Custis Dr from 1948-1955 and then moved to Springfield.

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