Where is Chicken Little Now?

The Washington Post and most of the other local papers continue to beat on the real estate market as if the sky has absolutely fallen. Yes the number of homes sales is down in Fairfax County.  No one is going to deny that fact.  The days on the market have increased significantly.

I wonder how many of those listings that have been on the market for 90 or more days were grossly overpriced to begin with? I know I have had a number of potential sellers who I have talked with who still want to price their homes at the 2004 & 2005 level.  If a home is priced right and a seller is realistic about the price and condition of their property it will sell. 

Fairfax County Homes Sales

 If you are interested in discussing the Fairfax County market or selling your home please give me a call.  I have lots of creative options to help your home sold!

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